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    Lee Iacocca was fond of saying, “Half of all the money you spend on advertising is wasted…the problem is which half?”

    Make sure you don’t waste half of your advertising dollars on the wrong audience!  Email prospects in your demographics and buying preferences!

    Email Campaigns: < 1¢ per email...average company increasing email budget 67% 

    • Wide variety of selects to highly target your list

    • Key to a successful campaign…a comprehensive list of several million emails

    • All double opt-in emails

    • Every month database checked for accuracy, deduped and opt-ins reconfirmed

    • Database list is “White Listed” by the various ISPs

    • CAN-SPAM Act compliant

    • Subject line evaluation and email optimization to assure your email gets into their InBox

    • Test multiple “Subject:” and “From:” lines…at no charge

    • Email text can be modified before each rebroadcast...at no charge

    • Algorithms keep broadcasts under ISP email rejection caps

    • Best, most timely advertising campaign!

    • After beach broadcast is complete, you receive a comprehensive tracking report
    • Campaigns with multiple rebroadcasts are very economical and historically achieve higher success

    • Optional Design Services

      • Email

        • Large monitors, laptop and interactive version to automatically format for mobile devices
        • Limited amount of time to capture visitor's interest...less than 5 seconds
        • It's not about "pretty" it's about grabbing and holding their attention
        • Objective: Get them to click through to your landing page
      • "Landing" page
        • It eliminates confusion and makes visitor choices very clear
        • Don't let them wander around getting lost and confused in your website
        • Explain the deal, call for action and capture their name and email address
        • Visitors do not want to be "sold"...start by making any offer informative and subtle
        • Main objective: Make it educational...visitors are hungry for information
        • Page should provide links to video and PDF downloads
        • After the 3rd email broadcast, you can start making your call to action more prominent
      • "Thank You" page
        • After they have visited your landing page and submitted their information, they're taken to your "Thank you!" page
        • It is a lot like your landing page, but it now expresses your appreciation
        • Use links to video and PDF downloads here as well
        • This provides one more "touch"...one more reason to remember you
        • The more touches the more credibility built and opportunity to do business

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